A M Frost Cabinet Maker Furniture and Interiors

How I Work With my Customers

Along with an established clientele I enjoy meeting new faces in an unhurried & no obligation free home visit.
The customer's requirements can often be as diverse and individual as they are.
I’ll listen to ideas you may have on function, taste & preferences, happily offering my experience along with taking measurements, costings & advising on a start & finish date. 
In this modern day I believe customers are reassured in the knowledge that the person measuring is the same person that makes, fits & answers the phone.
I can therefore boast a 100% professional & personal service, before & after the sale. 
Many can find the initial process of turning an often dormant idea into reality challenging & quite daunting, but with the right guidance it can be fun, rewarding & very satisfying transforming your living space into rooms that really work for you.
I can accommodate all tastes & budgets in fitted & freestanding furniture(see gallery).
Using seasoned & distressed timbers I’m able match & polish in existing or missing fixtures along with providing that unique “looks like it’s always been there” take on new projects. 
Reproduction has been in vogue almost as long as time itself, unfortunately the word "reproduction" has rightly gathered a bad name over recent years; I fail to see how it’s possible to mass-produce a handmade item, nowadays a better descriptive word can be found in "copies". 
So it may not be necessary to traipse the country searching for half a lifetime to find that right sized authentic piece, consider a copy?
Let’s not forget that all old furniture was once new & anything handmade can also be an investment!