A M Frost Cabinet Maker Furniture and Interiors

Miscellaneous Furniture
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  • Coffee Table. Mellow old oak, bobbin turned base, plank top
    Coffee Table
  • Side Table. Contemporary, painted swept base supporting spalted birch top and shelf
    Side Table
  • Mule Chest. Distressed oak, French polished fitted, with inside candle boxes
    Mule Chest
  • Elm-panelled Coffer. With bracket feet, bevelled corners & cross banded top
    Elm-panelled Coffer
  • Oak T V Cabinet. Panelled doors opening and sliding internally
    Oak T V Cabinet
  • Oak Distressed Stable Door. Gothic with handmade iron fittings
    Oak Distressed Stable Door
  • Settle in Old Pine. My own take, I’ve always enjoyed making these, with lids or drawers
    Settle in Old Pine
  • Door Frontage. Panelled and fluted with dog toothed canopy
    Door Frontage