A M Frost Cabinet Maker Furniture and Interiors

Drawing Room and Display Furniture
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  • Painted Bookshelves. A total room makeover, with corner cupboards and book door
    Painted Bookshelves
  • Two-part Polished elm with wallpaper backboard, glazed front and sides
    Elm Display
  • Centred internal television flanked with bookcase & display
    Display abinet
  • A panelled room makeover, with 2 columns and dogtooth cornice
    Arched bookcases
  • What was once a redundant door has been made into a useful bookcase
    Recycled Display
  • Corner Cupboard. Typical old pine and in two parts
    Corner Cupboard
  • Wall Hanging Shelves with two glazed doors
    Wall Hanging Shelves
  • Mirrored back, adjustable glass shelving with delicate glazing bar doors
    Painted Cabinet
  • Corner Cupboard in Elm. Gothic and un-fussed
    Elm Corner Cupboard
  • Oak Display. Shallow and fluted,  with French polish finish
    Oak Display
  • Redundant window.     Now a French display with fielded bottom doors with snake hinges
    Recycled French Display
  • 12 Foot Bookcase. Typically under construction in the workshop
    12 Foot Bookcase